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Why make a High-Rise Residential Building your Home?

Why make a High-Rise Residential Building your Home?

Gone are the times when people would burn their hard earned cash for purchasing an independent house. The modern crowd is all about fancy high-rise flats in Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon or any other metropolis for that matter. That’s because living in high rise building complexes reflects upon an individual’s class or social status.

And believe us when we say that there are valid reasons behind this. High-rise buildings promise elegant and comfortable living experiences to homebuyers like they have never witnessed before.

What are the advantages of high rise building?

There are several types of residential properties within the real estate sector, and a high-rise building complex specifically refers to an establishment that is above 15 meters tall. As mandated under Indian laws, a building complex that is taller than four floors must have at least one elevator with enough space to carry eight people at one go (or 545 kilograms of weight).

Beside this, high rise buildings are also required to obey laws pertaining to earthquake resistance measures, fire safety equipment, stairways, service ducts, electricity supply and several others, depending on their applicability.***

High-rise buildings are also known to offer a variety of favorable amenities to residents, all of which go into making them a popular choice among the masses. Prime among the advantages of high rise buildings are: –

Natural light, fresh air – The one seemingly small yet significant issue that many homeowners face while living in cities, is the lack of proper natural lighting and fresh air in the apartment. This is one problem that high-rise buildings naturally solve. Given their heights, such apartment complexes not only receive more sunlight but also fresh air, away from the pollution in the streets down below.

Experience of exclusivity – The purpose of high-rise buildings is to present people with the best of exclusive living experience. For this reason, these building complexes come loaded with first-rate facilities such as elevators, swimming pools, gymnasiums, badminton/tennis courts and club houses, to name a few.

Excellent views – Soaring high above other buildings in the neighborhood, high-rise buildings offer a fascinating view of the city extending below, and the horizon beyond it. Various high-rise flats in Ghaziabad, Noida or similar big cities have one or more balconies amongst their offerings to allow residents to revel in the beauty outside.

First-rate safety measures – Right from a dedicated doorman at your service to an assortment of advanced safety features, high rise buildings are well prepared for keeping you, your family and possessions perfectly secure. These complexes have surveillance cameras, fire alarms and intercom facilities to ensure a sense of security while living in an apartment complex.

High rise residential real estate projects, especially those brought up by reputed developers, also come with better utilities and maintenance. They usually have on-site management teams that are responsible for handling the upkeep and grievances, thus ensuring that everything runs smoothly and in sync.

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