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Why Ghaziabad is an Ideal Destination for Real Estate Investment?

Why Ghaziabad is an Ideal Destination for Real Estate Investment?

Neighboring to the national capital Delhi, and located in a province of Uttar Pradesh, Ghaziabad has fast risen to its identity as a hub for real estate properties. Owing to a considerable number of factories, Ghaziabad has now acknowledged as an industrial city. The city of Ghaziabad is now acquiring immense popularity as far as affordable living goes. An explosion in consumer investment in Delhi has influenced real estate and infrastructure conglomerate in this city to rise subsequently.

To those looking forward to settling down and considering to put their money in properties in Ghaziabad we bring you the reasons to make that investment decision firm:

  • Connectivity

Owing to its advantages of being well connected, concerning real estate, Ghaziabad hails as a key destination within the entire NCR. Being conveniently located on the eastern periphery of Delhi, Ghaziabad is rising at a robust pace as residential hub for the professionals working in Noida and Delhi. Overhauled by the National Highway 24 and the Delhi-Meerut Highway, the city is well-connected with the rest of the NCR. The Delhi Metro connects to the city of Ghaziabad too, via the Vaishali and Anand Vihar Metro stations.

  • Clean and Green

High pollution levels, especially being close to Delhi, were a thing of the past. Prospective home buyers have to no longer worry about the polluted air in the city. To tackle the huge problem of pollution, the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board is arranging to bring out a continuous ambient monitoring system which will show real-time analysis of air contamination levels. Furthermore, to guarantee vast green spaces in Ghaziabad, the GDA has announced 500 acres of green belt along Hindon and ban all construction.

  • Value for Money

Despite a price hike every day in Ghaziabad properties, the prices have not yet spiked as high as prices in the capital city of Delhi. Ghaziabad has also been mentioned in the list of “10 Most Dynamic Cities” in the world and is also seen as “Indias Hottest City” which is emerging as the next famous address for the Delhi bound commuters.

  • Investment in Infrastructural Development

Recently, the Uttar Pradesh administration made an announcement promising an investment of about INR 3,500 crore for Ghaziabad, 750 crores of which was designated for infrastructure development of the city. This investment includes infrastructure projects like rainwater harvesting amenities, hospitals, schools, colleges, water treatment plants, rapid metro services, connectivity via Monorail and Metro, and road networks. All of which will undoubtedly prompt improvement in the city and pull in additional investment from prospective homeowners looking to buy their dream house in Ghaziabad.

As of today, Ghaziabad has become as a standout among the fastest growing destinations across the nation. The rise in prices and urban population in Delhi has now started for people to invest in properties in Ghaziabad. Ghaziabad is a neighborhood that is gradually attracting more and more prospective homeowners because of its improved infrastructure, connectivity and affordable rentals.

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