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What Makes a Township Smart & Integrated?

What Makes a Township Smart & Integrated?

An integrated township manages the resources efficiently and utilize these to the best, minimize costs, reduce carbon emissions and help residents live a sustainable life. 

Today, more and more people are migrating towards cities in search of employment. Urbanization is increasing at a rapid pace and the challenge is offering homes to all these people. With the migration of people, the cities need better transport, housing, sanitation, digitization & IT connectivity. Necessity is the mother of invention. And today’s necessity is up gradation in civic & business infrastructure at residential colonies. People are looking for self-sustainable campus with all the good facilities inside it. To meet the consumers’ demands, the concept of housing has undergone changes.

In cities, developers are developing townships with ample of in built facilities. Let’s see what makes a township smart, integrated and self-sufficient –

Provision of 24X7 Water & Electrical Supply – In urban cities, at many places there is shortage of water. People want to avoid this crisis and go for a township, where there is provision of water supply throughout day and night. An integrated township has 24X7 water supply and smart water metering system.

24X7 Security & Surveillance – Today, security is the main concern among residents. This is the most an important criterion on the basis of which township is defined liveable. Wave City employs 200 guards for the security and safety of its residents. CCTV cameras have been installed and data is secured for 6 months.

Street Light Automation – It ensures the township is lit up at dusk and the street lights go off automatically at day break.

Intelligent Traffic Management System – Another important aspect of a smart township is intelligent traffic and transport management system. A smooth traffic flow not only means smooth flow but also ensures less pollution, vehicles protection, smart signals, parking guidance and traffic management through GPS.

Solid Waste Management – To go green, it’s necessary to manage waste from the inception to its disposal. An integrated township has Waste Management Facility for recycling the items.

Open Green Space – A township should provide adequate proportion of open green space to its residents. This is required for maintaining well-being and good health. Secondly, with open green spaces, natural resources can be utilized at its best way.

Digitized web portal or app – In today’s world, everything is going digital. Residents of a society are making groups and establishing connection in whatsapp to discuss the issues and problems of a society. Going an extra mile, Wave City has developed an app for the convenience of its residents. Utility bills, notices, complaints, events are managed through this my city app. This is 24X7 web enabled complaint management system. This app helps to organize the work and make life free from daily worries.

Grocery & Medical Store – If a township has more than 100 housing units, it is good to have grocery & medical store. This is required for meeting the basic demand of people.

Living in a smart and integrated township makes your life easier and convenient. You can avail the basic and hi tech facilities within the township. To book your space in such integrated township Wave City, NH24 call us on 8800229931.

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