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What makes a Commercial Building Stand Out?

What makes a Commercial Building Stand Out?

A commercial building should not just be a space that has numerous offices under one roof. It should allow for an easier office life as well. For that, the building should definitely have some standout features. From location to parking facilities, many factors make a commercial building stand out. It not only makes for a great place to work in but also results in happier employees in the long haul. Here are some of the features that set a particular commercial building apart from the others:

1. Location – is a factor that is of prime importance when it comes to a commercial building. The location of the commercial building should be such that it should have good road connectivity and ease to access public transport. Also, presence of amenities such as power backup, food courts, different public utilities, etc. in a big office campus will certainly be counted as unique features of the commercial building. Another important amenity is the presence of parking spaces which brings us to the next segment.

2. Access to parking and lifts – Adequate parking space is counted as a huge plus for a commercial building, and sets it apart from the buildings that don’t have it. Employees will love to work in a commercial building that has dedicated floors or basements for parking. Without a space for parking, people often feel a lack of security when they have to park their vehicles at a different location. Another important but often overlooked amenity is lifts or elevators. Especially in an office with many floors, lifts provide a lot of comfort to the employees. Furthermore, people with disability and relatively older employees specially benefit from the lifts, making them work in offices with a lot more ease.

3. Well- maintained restrooms – An office building should have well-maintained restrooms at strategic points so that they are easy accessible for the employees. A commercial building which is well-amenitized with restroom holds a definite edge when it comes to convenience for anyone and everyone working in that space.

4. Security features – A standout office building has a host of security features up and running for the safety of people working in it. All-round security with CCTV coverage is a must in a commercial building so as to offer a secure working environment in the corporate offices, be it corporate or any other type of office.

These stand-out features make a commercial building a desirable one for employees, and goes a long way in easing the life of the people working in it. Offices can be opened in any commercial building, but the one that has the above features will definitely stand out and provide the best work-life experience.

On the other side of the spectrum, these important pre-requisites can also leave a positive impression on clients, thus fostering further business opportunities.

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