Ways to resolve Tenant-Landlord issues | Wave City - Wave City

Ways to resolve Tenant-Landlord issues | Wave City

Ways to resolve Tenant-Landlord issues | Wave City

In a city like Ghaziabad and Noida, a major portion of the population is professionals working in the parts of NCR, deal with a lot of landlord-tenant issues. Also, NCR has a major professional class people coming from different areas of the country so most of them look for a home on rent. However, finding a good home is easy, provided the strong rental budget but having a simple-minded landlord is not as easy as having a home.

Similarly, putting the “To-Let” plate on the gate every next month is not convenient for land lords even if there are tenants who are not as flexible as they should be in a rental home.

Both, land lords and tenants should give regard to each other and understand the concerns to maintain a respectful relation between them. If not, there are ways to deal with dogged ones.

Ways to deal

1. Payment: Due to delayed salary or cash flow shortage at tenant’s end, a landlord is likely to hear payment refusal from the tenant. To ignore this, a landlord may ask for the late fee after a one reminder. To make it more authentic way, they may also add it as a clause in the agreement while giving their property to the tenant.

2. Bad reputation with neighbors: Many times, bachelors who live in rental properties have a habit of late night parties which might disturb the neighbors. Not only this, but bachelor tenants involving in misbehavior with neighbors can be a reason to worry for landlords. After all, it is landlord’s property and responsibility to maintain the decorum of the society or building. In the case of any such complaints from the neighbours, landlords should give a stern reminder to the tenant. They may even include in the agreement that on any misconduct or complaint from the building or people living in the society may lead to termination of the tenancy.

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3. Maintenance: While giving a property to a tenant, the landlord usually has to provide the property cleaned and whitewashed. Tenants are particular about the cleanliness. But at the time of leaving the property, many landlords face issues like bad walls, broken appliances and furniture, etc. Therefore, landlords should make sure that tenant handover the property without any damages. They can add a clause in the agreement that if any damages are found at the time of leaving the rental home, tenants will be charged for the damage from the security money. But another important question is how to get good tenants? One major criterion that tenants look for is a good society or township to live in. If you have that, you will have the upper hand in all situations and dissonances.

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Similar to above issues, tenants also face the arbitrariness of landlords in some cases, which we will cover in the next blog. So, stay tuned for the blog updates or subscribe to the blog.

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