Wave Prime Floors - The Perfect Home for Your Family - Wave City

Wave Prime Floors – The Perfect Home for Your Family

Wave Prime Floors – The Perfect Home for Your Family

Nikhil is a management professional living and working in Noida for the last couple of years. Living with his parents, wife, and a young child in a cramped 2 BHK was getting uncomfortable for them. They had been on apartment hunting for quite some time, but nothing matched up to their expectations.

Renuka, Nikhil’s wife, wanted an apartment that would give each member of the family the space and privacy while also having a warm and positive feeling in the living spaces that they shared. She was looking for open spaces, greenery, parks for their child to grow up appreciating the nature, and also easy accessibility to the place of work and school.

For Nikhil’s parents, their twilight years spent with their only son and his family was a blessing that they cherished. When looking for a home to live together, they wished for space where they would have a sense of community with other like-minded people, parks to take long walks, places of worship that were within walking distance, and safety and security.

Was it possible for all of these expectations and wishes to be met in one place? Yes, all these expectations and wishes can be met at one and only one destination i.e. Wave City Prime Floors! Situated in the world-class residential township called Wave City, at NH-24, Ghaziabad, this was the perfect home that catered to all their wishes!

Prime Floors are situated in two different enclaves within the vast Wave City i.e. Pinewood Enclave and Greenwood Enclave. With G+1 and G+2 independent floors, and 2 and 3 BHK apartments, these apartments are available in a wide range of sizes from 112.5 sq.m (2 BHK), 162 sq.m. for 2BHK+study, and 240 sq.m. for 3 BHK. Fitted with the best amenities for a modern, luxurious lifestyle, these apartments also offer the best of a tranquil and nature-friendly lifestyle.

The wide open spaces and neighbourhood parks give expansive and serene vibes which will be a balm to soothe the souls of everyone from working youngsters to retired professionals and playful children. The community that is in Wave City is cohesive, educated, professional, and upwardly mobile, which means you are sure to find kindred spirits with common interests.

Prime Floors has the added advantage of being in Wave City, which means there is access to the best in entertainment, healthcare, education, spiritual places, security, and transport, so everything you need is firmly within your reach.

Living in Prime Floors in Wave City will make it easier for Nikhil and Renuka to commute to their workplaces. Being near the Eastern Peripheral Expressway, just ten minutes away from the proposed metro station, 15 minutes from Noida and 30 minutes from Delhi, commuting to work will no longer be stressful for them.

The proximity to the ISKCON temple thrilled Nikhil’s parents, as well as being near to other places of interest. Having world-class educational institutions within easy reach means they don’t have to worry about little Pooja’s higher education anymore! From playschools to professional colleges, she has the world at her feet! The decision to move to Prime Floors will prove to be a perfect move for this family!

If you too are relating your situation with Nikhil’s family, then all you got to do is simply write to us in the message box below and learn about living your dream lifestyle in Wave City.

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