Wave City Offers a Smart Way to Deal with Traffic and Parking Issues. Here's how - Wave City

Wave City Offers a Smart Way to Deal with Traffic and Parking Issues. Here's how

Wave City Offers a Smart Way to Deal with Traffic and Parking Issues. Here's how

With the rise in number of vehicles, parking has become a conflicting and frustrating situation for people living in towns and cities. Whether at an airport, bus stop or shopping zones, parking issues are an everyday occurrence. Lack of accessible parking can waste one's precious time.

Traffic congestion is also becoming a huge problem in cities due to rise in the number of vehicles, poor urban transport infrastructure, and inefficient traffic management, especially during peak hours.

Environment that promotes Peace and Safety at Wave City

Keeping the future needs in mind and plan, Wave Infratech came up with an enormous project named Wave City in Ghaziabad. The innovative city offers a sustainable environment through smart, technologically-driven solutions, bringing about the interaction of its citizens with its administration, where open information is available in real time. Strategically located in the suburb of Delhi NCR on NH 24, the smart project overcomes today’s every urban problem.

One of the most interesting smart features that form a part of Wave City is its traffic and transportation management system. The system ensures that you don't waste your time during peak traffic hours with smooth traffic flow, and reduced pollution and decreased wear and tear of vehicles. With its intelligent traffic lights, it manages traffic within the city as well as updates you on traffic jams or road blocks to your destination so you know which road to take for a faster exit. With smart parking systems, you'll know the parking availability at malls and shopping centres even before you get there.

घर मिलेगा 14.24 लाख में, वो भी Hi-Tech सिटी में

All public transportation will be tracked using GPS based systems, which will help you choose optimal routes and provide arrival and departure information. You will also receive SMS-based information on traffic conditions and arrival and departure of public transport in the city.

Build your own home on a plot in Wave City

The city has many other smart features to make your everyday life liveable, convenient and enjoyable.

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About the Blog:

Wave City is a Hi-Tech city which is taking shape on NH 24 in the suburbs of Delhi. The city is  being built on the smart city concept.

Its resident’s convenience features like Central Command Center, citizen mobile app, waste converter unit and smart metering systems make the city a much sought-after place to live in Delhi NCR.

It takes 30 mins. to reach Wave City from Akshardham temple, Delhi and 15 mins. from Noida sector 62. Here residences start 14.24 lakhs onwards.

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