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Useful Tips for Decorating your Small New Home

Useful Tips for Decorating your Small New Home

When it comes to decorating your small space like a 1 or 2 BHK apartment, it is the simple tricks and techniques which will help you make your flat appear bigger. Read this article to know more about decorating your flat to make it look bigger and attractive.

Most people dream of owning a beautiful home where they can live comfortably with their loved ones. However, buying a home is only half the job done. You also need to decorate your home to make it more elegant as well as more operative.

For people who are still looking for their new home, there are many affordable flats in Ghaziabad for sale. The residential complexes in Ghaziabad house 1 and 2 BHK flats which are constructed and designed with utmost perfection. Also, most of these residential complexes are built along the main roads and are enveloped in green areas. These features let people lead a healthy and convenient life.

Designing and Decorating Small Apartments
When somebody buys an apartment in the early years of his/her professional life, it is many times obvious that they cannot buy spacious villas or luxury apartments. Most people can only afford 1/2/3 BHK apartments in a standard locality with basic amenities for residents. So, if you too have just bought that small new home after saving the penny from your monthly salaries, here are some great ideas to give your small cosy apartment a rich look.

You just need to apply smart skills and go for bold and sophisticated colors. Read on to find out how you can make your small flat completely chic and glamorous.

For your bedroom, you can go for the bifold door as they take less space and give an air of sophistication to your flat. Moreover, a small table that you place outside the bedroom for your vases and other things can be used as a makeshift dining table.

Putting big furniture in a small room can make it appear grand and elegant. You can follow this rule while decorating your small bedroom or living room. Re-check, if it works for your apartment.

• If you want your own library, then go for a floor to ceiling bookcase and paint it in a bold color. Now, get the flooring done with a complementary color with some pattern which can make it look like an area rug.

• You can also use complementary colors in other areas of the room. This makes the room look prettier and distinct.

• Many people use magazine cut outs to create beautiful collages which can then be framed and used in decorating any part of the flat.

• Place some vintage or antique mirrors instead of a proper dressing table. This will not only free up space but will also add exclusiveness to your small apartment.

• When it comes to the kitchen, go for colors like bottle green and highlight it with black, place things and items according to the plan, which helps your kitchen look bigger and free from less-used stuff.

When it comes to decorating your flat, you can be as creative as you want because it is your space. Don’t forget to hang photos of your friends and family members. This will make your flat even more familiar and welcoming. Always remember that it’s not only the size of the flat but how you decorate it also matters.

For example, Dream Homes at Wave City are available in 1, 2 and 3 BHK configuration and the size starts from 53.79 Sq mt, whereas the price of this apartment starts from INR 15.99 Lakh. For such small sized apartment that fits your pocket too, you can apply the above tips to make it look bigger and appealing.

Contact for more information about Dream Homes and how to decorate your small apartment.

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