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Tips To Give a Traditional Touch to Your Home

Tips To Give a Traditional Touch to Your Home

Whether your home decor and style is keeping with modern, contemporary trends or is an ethnic style already, giving it a traditional touch is a wonderful way to bring a fresh new look to your home. A classic touch to your home, no matter which part of the world you may be living in, also helps to remind you of your roots.

There are many ways in which a traditional touch can be brought to your home. Whether you are a single, a newly married couple, or you’ve been tending your home with your partner for years, there is nothing like doing up your home together in the traditional way to bring in freshness to your life.

The easiest and fastest ways to give a traditional touch to your home:

Look around your house at what you have already. The easiest ways to upgrade your home look to a traditional one is to swap out your existing cushion covers, throws, rugs, sofa upholstery, curtains, tablecloths, etc., and replace them with traditional Indian prints (think Warli, Jodhpuri, paisley, or even a mix and match of all of these). Fabrics with ethnic prints, in different textures and colours, will bring in an exotic element to your home. You could even upholster a sofa with one of these fabrics for a stunning contrast to the others.

• Sculptures:
Adding even one exotic and ethnic sculpture at the entrance or hallway to your home will give an unforgettable traditional touch to your home. This could be something religious or purely aesthetic, which is up to you.

• Paintings:
Paintings, whether large or small, can really add a nice traditional stroke to your home. Look for paintings that have an undeniably ethnic look, using vibrant, traditional colours, motifs, symbols, or landscapes. You could choose to have just one large painting that looks over your entire living space or have several small paintings strewn all over your home.

• Furniture:
If you have a generous budget, you could go for one or several pieces of traditional furniture that will bring in the ethnic vibe very strongly. This is something you could either buy or inherit from your family. You could go for antique furniture that is freshly minted but made to look antique or buy genuine antique furniture that is hundreds of years old. Either way, it will make a strong impression on anyone visiting your home!

• Traditional accessories:
Another cool way to bring in the traditional touch to your home is through the use of accessories. Whether this is earthen pots, wooden panels, door hangings, wind chimes, etc., you can do an ethnic twist to every room with just a single accessory if it is strategically placed.

Once you have incorporated these ideas into your home, sit back and enjoy the compliments that flow in!

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