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Safety Tips for Homes!

Safety Tips for Homes!

Home safety is one of the most critical preferences of a homeowner. One is eternally alert in regards to safety at their place, and even many home security measures may turn out to be inadequate. With the levels of crime, theft, and accidents mounting, it becomes imperative to stay well equipped with all available safety options rather than being sorry later. When it comes to safety for your home and family, precaution is always better than cure.

Let us check out a few safety tips that need to be kept in mind:

  • Multiple Layers of Defence: It is simpler to infiltrate a single line of defence for obvious reasons. Numerous layers of security on one’s end will ensure security. Apart from safety quoted and double-locked gates and windows, one can make use of a biometric gate pass system in order to curb outsiders. Nowadays it is quite common for people to install CCTV cameras and intercoms in their doorways and around the house along with burglar alarms.
  • Electrical Safety: Best electrical wiring and switchgear should only be used for the house. One should also install electrical protection devices on the primary electric switchboards at home in order to protect from fluctuations. MCB and RCCB even help prevents people from getting electrocuted due to a sudden spike in electric supply levels. Electrical appliances in the bathroom should be kept wrapped away from water. Also, it is best to install electrical points out of the reach of children.

“In the year 2015, 9986 people died in India due to Electrocution.” Source(

  • Fire Safety: To protect against fire in the house one should keep a small fire extinguisher handy especially in the kitchen area. A smoke or fire alarm installed in every room also enables to catch any incidence of fire quickly so as to be able to respond rapidly. It is essential to ensure the state of LPG gas cylinders, kitchen burners as well as electrical circuits in the home on a timely basis to avoid a probable outbreak of fire. Electrical appliances should be kept in order and serviced as required.

From year 2001 to 2014, 3.16 lakh fire accident cases happened in the country. Source(

  • Flooring: One should avoid flooring that tends to be too slippery  It should be clean and dry, and one can even opt for thick carpeting on the floor.

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