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Cities which are rich in greenery and nature

Cities which are rich in greenery and nature

People living in metropolitan cities often get fascinated with green city concept. Finding a clean, green, and eco-friendly environment in a metro city serves as a blessing to the people struggling with pollution, heat, and dust every day.

The Indian government is also making initiatives to use green technologies in various cities so as to provide a healthy and eco-friendly environment to people. Some of the cities listed as the greenest and cleanest cities of the country are:

1. Mysore: This city is famous for its gardens, palaces, temples etc. and was ranked as the second cleanest city of India and top cleanest city in Karnataka by Urban Development Ministry. Mysore is known as the center of tourism and has been holding top rankings as one of the greenest cities from last few years.

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2. Chandigarh: Situated in the foothills of Shivalik range, Chandigarh is popular for its gardens like Rock Garden, Lake and Rose Garden etc. It is the first smoke-free city of the country and may soon become the first solar city too. It is nicknamed as ‘The City Beautiful’ and is often called as an evergreen city of India.

3. Guwahati: Located on the bank of Brahmaputra River and at the foothills of Khasi hills, this city successfully attracts domestic and international tourists. Kaziranga National Park, situated in Guwahati is one of the major tourist attractions. It has been marking its name under greenest cities’ list from past few years.

4. Bhubaneshwar: Often called as the temple city of the country, Bhubaneshwar is popular for its greenery, rich heritage, and beautiful architecture. Despite being one of the cleanest and greenest cities of the country, it is also ranked as one of the best-planned cities of India.

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5. Dehradun: Backed with some renowned schools and colleges, this is among the most desired cities by retired people who wish to spend a relaxed life within nature. Located near Mussoorie, ‘The Queen of Hills’, this city witnesses a balanced climate and is also popular for green mountains and beautiful waterfalls.

Above are some cities that are rich in greenery and nature. So how about having a green city in NCR?

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