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Why is Diwali the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate?

Why is Diwali the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate?

If you have been stalling your real estate investment plan for a long time now, then this Diwali is the time to make it happen. Wondering why? Here you go: –

It is an auspicious time

Irrespective of which part of India you belong to, Diwali is one of the most auspicious times of the year. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that “Diwali” is synonymous to everything good that there is. People see it as the time to make fresh starts, take up new developments and carry out significant events.
Since buying a house is among the biggest investments an individual makes during their lifetime, what better occasion than to look into it than Diwali?!

New projects are introduced

Starting up big projects or business development activities on auspicious occasions has been an age-old tradition in India. And while with time a lot of these traditions have undergone transformation, this particular practice still remains.
Hence, Diwali marks the time when various new real estate projects are introduced and inaugurated. The addition of these fresh set of options significantly increases your prospects of making the best property investment.

Pleasant weather for visiting different locations

The festival of Diwali usually aligns with a time when monsoon has begun receding and autumn is setting in. The environment is slightly nippy but not chill. This therefore makes for a delightful time to physically go around and check out different properties.

Low interest rates

It is raining offers across all sectors during Diwali, including home loans and finance. To attract prospective home buyers, various banks and other financial institutions offer home loans at interest rates that are comparatively low, than that at other times of the year. When you avail home loans at low interest rates, go into making your real estate investments the best.

Exciting offers on real estate

Surprising as it may seem, various builders and real estate development firms provide exclusive discounts and exciting offers on properties, especially of the residential nature. These offers are wide-ranging and go on to include anything from huge discounts on property bookings, club memberships, free parking and free gifts to gold coins.

A lot of fun and buzz takes place in India during Diwali, and the real estate gears up for it as well. In this period of time, you’ll come across seemingly amazing offers from almost developer; it is only when you look at it judiciously that you see the fine print.

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