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Ready to Move In v/s Under Construction Flats

Ready to Move In v/s Under Construction Flats

Almost all home buyers are riddled with the same question – whether to buy a ready to move in flat or opt for an under-construction property. Both these types of property suit different needs and purposes. Let us compare them to get a better view of suitability:

Factors Ready to Move In Flats Under-Construction Flats
Availability There is almost negligible waiting period. One is just required to make payment and work through the documentation for being able to get the property handed over. One does not get their hands on possession at the time of purchase.
Pricing One shot lump sum payment is required for possessing the property and pricing is a bit on the higher side comparatively. The burden on pocket is lighter as it does not require lump sum payment at time of purchase and is slightly cheaper in comparison.
Discrepancies There is no risk of discrepancies as the promised layout is open for inspection before payment and possession. A slight risk of discrepancies in terms of the final promised amenities, layout etc might exist.
GST Implications Left out of ambit of GST. Attracts a 12% GST on the Total Cost of Property.
Property Age A ready unit might not always be brand new and might have been on sale for a while. Brand new constructed flats are handed over after completion.
RERA Compliance Promoters of old ready to be sold units having Occupancy Certificate as on 1st May, 2016 are not mandatorily required to make information available on a public platform. Freshly under-construction properties which will have Occupancy Certificate post 1st May, 2017 onwards are mandated to register under their state’s RERA and to provide all information.
Alterations and Décor Alterations are not possible on a completed unit. One has to opt for the readymade décor. Non-structural alterations can be done during the construction process. Interior decoration can be as per buyer’s preference.
Risk A ready unit does not hold much risk when it comes to possession. Slightly more risky since there might be a possibility of the project getting delayed or even stalled owing to unforeseen circumstances.
Construction One cannot obtain a full understanding about the construction materials used, strength of foundation etc in a ready unit. A buyer can keep a check on the materials being used for construction and inspect the site from time to time in order to gain assurance regarding proper construction.

Both ready to move in flats and under-construction flats have their own pros and cons. Each and everyone have their own set of preferences when it comes to buying a house. A buyer must consider his/her financial condition, choice of location, timing etc among other things before making the final decision.

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