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Tips to have a Vastu-Compliant Kitchen

Tips to have a Vastu-Compliant Kitchen

Good health is the key to staying positive, being happy and leading a contented life. According to Vastu Shastra, the Lord of Fire, known as Agni, dwells in the south-east direction, making it the ideal location for your kitchen. An alternative to this would be the north-east direction of the house. You should remember to avoid north, north-east and south-west for your kitchen as these directions are not good for a kitchen environment and may cause dissent among family members. There are many such small yet powerful points that you should bear in your mind to make your kitchen Vastu-compliant.

Why consider kitchen Vastu when looking for a home

The kitchen is an integral part of any Indian house, a place which is the source of our day long energy. The science of Vastu cannot be overlooked when it comes to enhancing the aura of the kitchen space.

Every little appliance that you place in your kitchen has some or the other point of importance, and if it is placed according to the Vastu, positive vibes are sure to prevail.

For instance, let’s suppose you were to buy a house in Ghaziabad or anywhere in the NCR, the doors, windows, gas cylinder, gadgets, refrigerator, as well as the sink, all of it should be placed in accordance to Vastu, but not all of us have the idea of what that exact placement is.

Simple Vastu remedies for you to follow

As mystifying as they may seem, following a few simple but effective Vastu remedies and tips can go a long way in ensuring that your kitchen is free of all Vastu defects. Vastu helps to balance positive energy in your kitchen and promote a sense of well-being within the household. After all, the kitchen is the heart and health of your home.

Here’s a list offering you the dos and don’ts to be able to plan your 1, 2 or 3 BHK house with a Vastu-compliant kitchen:


1. Gas stove signifies fire and should be placed where the Lord of fire dwells. The right placement of the gas stove as per Vastu is in the south-east direction of the kitchen. You should cook facing the east direction to bring the positive energies in your home. In case there is no provision for building your kitchen in the south-east direction, you can also opt for north-west direction as per Vastu. Every kitchen should have at least one window facing the east.

2. Refrigerators can be placed in the south, south-east, north and even west directions according to Vastu Shastra. The directions to avoid are south-west and north-east. Any kitchen which requires electronic gadgets such as ovens, microwaves, and heaters. Placing these in the south-east direction like that of the gas stove would bring in a lot of benefits for your kitchen.

3. According to Vastu, the north-east direction is best suited to store water dispensers or water bottles or the water sink. Choose the kitchen slab colour from green, orange, or yellow to maximise the effects of Vastu principles. Vastu for kitchen colour suggests that you choose vibrant shades like yellow, orange, and chocolate browns.

4. As per Vastu, all the grain containers, pulses containers, and spices containers should be placed in the southern or western directions.

5. All the utensils should be kept neatly in the cupboards as per Vastu requirements. The cupboards are better to be installed in the southern and western walls. Cleaning the kitchen slab, utensils and the floor is hygienic and also in line with Vastu principles.


1. A kitchen should not be constructed above or under the place of worship.

2. The gas stove should not face the kitchen entrance door.

3. The kitchen doors should not be in any corner.

4. A kitchen should not be built in the north-east direction of your house.

5. You should not face the west while cooking as it may subject you to various health problems.

6. Avoid colouring your kitchen walls black.

7. Do not place your refrigerator in the north-east direction of the house.

8. A kitchen should not be placed over or under a bedroom.

9. Avoid building a kitchen over or under a toilet.

10. Do not build a kitchen in the south-west corner of the house as it leads to clashes between the family members.

Now, even the builders are keeping in mind the Vastu Shastra while building and launching the houses on sale. Be it Ghaziabad, Noida or any city in India, it is best to construct the house in accordance with Vastu Shastra for a prosperous life. 

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