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Make The Most of The Best Lounge Decor Ideas

Make The Most of The Best Lounge Decor Ideas

The lounge area of our home is the most versatile space where we spend quality time with our family after a long hard day at work, see friends or snuggle up with a book and a cup of coffee. Thus, it is very important to have this area match and reflect your own personality.

Best Lounge Décor Ideas for your humble abode

Irrespective of personal preferences, the style and design of the lounge area forms the core of any home. Here, we bring to you some of the best ideas to make this space widely used.

Boho Chic Style

You can design and style your lounge in a boho chic (bohemian) style. Such space looks cosy and comfortable. Add a lovely collection of vintage pieces and showcase them artistically. Go for white or neutral tone walls. Choose earthy materials that impart a quiet and serene charm to it. Catch up with your friends lying curled up on a gorgeous sofa with a steaming hot cuppa of coffee.

Moroccan Style

If you love the Moroccan-inspired space, you can combine a variety of looks and create a unique style. This can be easily done by balancing white, clean furniture with vibrantly-coloured walls. Keep the furniture simple, yet modern and juxtapose it with a lovely Moroccan looking coffee table in the centre. Go for a stripy, bright-coloured rug that adds pops of colour. Natural light streaming inside will create a perfect lounge look for you.

Pastel Shades for a Summers

If you reside in an area that experiences summer season for a long time, you must choose pastel shades for your walls that are soothing to your eyes and soul. To break the monotony, you can add vibrant coloured pictures on the walls. Sheer curtains with a lovely rug complete the look. Keep the furniture simple yet elegant. You can even balance out colours with lighter and earthy tones.

Opulent Look

If you love everything that reminds you of the bygone rajwara era, you can style your lounge with an opulent look. Go for intricately-worked furniture with vibrant coloured cushions, drapes and rugs. If the rugs and drapes are dark in colour, go for lighter shades on walls. This will balance the use of colour keeping it luxuriously rich in an understated way.

Natural Look

If you are die-hard nature fan, this décor idea will surely appeal to your senses. Go for white or natural tone walls, modern but elegant drapes, cushions and rugs and to overcome the monotony add pops of green hues in the form of natural plants here and there. It will give you a feel of garden while sitting in the comfort of your lovely lounge.

You can use any of these styles to deck up your beautiful new Wave City apartment and turn it into your very own personal piece of heaven.

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