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Home Care Solutions During Monsoon

Home Care Solutions During Monsoon

Monsoons are exciting but bring most damage to homes. Heavy monsoon mesmerises the minds of every individual but also does massive damage to the houses in the form of leaks & cracks.In here we are sharing some of the easy tips to safeguard your home from the difficulties that arise during Monsoon.

Use good quality paint for exterior walls of the house

During monsoon season walls get cracks, peels and blisters. The major cause of all the mentioned issues is the usage of a low-grade wall paint. A low-quality wall paint allows water to bypass it, and this water starts collecting in the pores which are already present in concrete. The effect of this, moisture starts building up on the walls and starts damaging. So, it is always suggested, to use premium grade wall paints.

Use proper ventilation in the house during Monsoons:

The air which is present inside the home becomes moist in the monsoon season, the consequence of the same is dampening of plaster present on the walls of the house. Proper ventilation in the house decreases the humidity levels. And safeguard the walls from dampening.

Give particular attention to the cracks present in the house:

Cracks which are present in the walls can be corrected by the use of waterproof mortar & paint. You can also employ waterproof sealing agents to diminish the possibilities of any further damage to the building. One more thing needs to be put in consideration while filling the cracks, is to eliminate all the loose plaster which already present around the crack.

Make proper use of disinfectant in the house: Before handling the fungus-affected parts of the structure, you must need to clean the respective area with the help of disinfectants. And after that, use good quality paint to cover the damaged area adequately.

Get rid of algae and moth before monsoons: Pathways in the house get slippery because of the growth of algae & moss. It is very much needed to get rid of them before monsoons. To achieve the same, wash all the dried up algae; then wash the area with vinegar/chlorine solution and in the end with fresh water. This complete process will limit the new growth in monsoons.

Underground your carpets and rugs:

In the monsoon season, it is better to roll up the carpets of the house to prevent the same from moisture and filth. Make use of plastic coverings instead.

Do not let water coagulated around your residence

Water accumulation around your house or surroundings is the direct invitation to various health problems. As these waterlogged areas are the breeding grounds for various insects and mosquitoes.

If monsoons are not taken care of adequately, monsoons can cause severe damage to your residencies. Above mentioned points prevents your building from rainwater entering into your and reduce the damage. To enhance the quality of life of the residents, it is imperative to give special care to the buildings which are located in areas which receive heavy rainfall.

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