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5 Kitchen Rack Ideas That You’ll Absolutely Love

5 Kitchen Rack Ideas That You’ll Absolutely Love

An Indian kitchen is a treasure of many ingredients. These ingredients need to be stored properly. Since there are some ingredients that you use more, you need these ingredients handy. Then there are ingredients which you use only for some specific dishes; these can be stored at a distance. The amount of strategic planning required in order to arrange an Indian kitchen is exhausting. If you own an independent apartment, then attractive flooring options enhance the overall look and exquisite wooden kitchen racks further add up to the feel.

There are numerous kitchen rack ideas you can try depending upon the size of your space, your requirement and your specific choices. For instance, if you check out floor plans of your 2 BHK independent house, you get a fair idea about the actual space you have to experiment. Following are a few simple yet appealing kitchen rack ideas you must try:

Corner Shelves

The smartest way to plan your kitchen’s interior is to utilize every corner of space. You can deck up the corners with shelves matching to other kitchen aesthetics. You can place a triangular shelf as they fit into corners the best and save a lot of space. Plus, they are easy to install and clean as well.

Wall Shelves

When it comes to decorating your kitchen, a little experiment never hurts. Installing wall shelves in your kitchen is one such experiment which never goes wrong. You can get one designed for your kitchen or simply buy a ready-made one and install. You can also try floating shelves or wall mounted shelves. Use kitchen art pieces with attractive lighting to further glam up the space.

Kitchen Shelf Racks

Do make plans to enhance the floor of your 2 BHK independent house with some classic kitchen shelf racks. For a limited space, it’s the most recommended option in order to keep spices & other ingredients handy. From wooden racks, stainless steel racks to magnetic racks, there are a whole lot of options available in the market. Sliding racks or shelf organizers are in trend. In fact, in the sphere of modular kitchens, these ideas fit perfectly. In order to solve storage issues, you can certainly use these ideas.

Open Shelves

Decorating your kitchen space with open shelves never goes out of trend. Open shelves have been making a statement right from medieval architecture till today’s take on contemporary kitchens. You can opt for a color matching your cabinets; it’s the first thing to grab attention after entering the kitchen. You can decorate the space with some attractive mason jars, baskets etc. You can also add attractive lightings to enhance the overall feel.

Under Cabinet Shelves

If you have a constraint of a small kitchen space, then you should go for under cabinet shelves. Small shelves under kitchen cabinets save a lot of space. They are very useful as well. What’s more, you have an option of installing open shelves or closed shelves. You must choose the one that best serves your purpose.

With a little bit of thought and a degree of tact, you can make the most of your kitchen space by adding these shelves, and create a lifestyle statement of your own.

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