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What is Smart City Concept in India?

What is Smart City Concept in India?

The Government of India, amidst a lot of fanfare, launched the Smart Cities Mission in 2015 (Image Credit : india.gov.in). The objective of this mission is to develop inclusive and sustainable citizen friendly cities enhancing the quality of life of citizens. The focus of the smart city in India is on investing in the development and infrastructure of Tier 1 and 2 cities bringing them at the same level as global smart cities.

Let’s find out what this Smart City is all about, what makes a city smart and what are the benefits that it offers to its residents

Smart City in India- Some Facts
• The focus of Smart City development in India is not on developing green-field cities.
• Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities are part of this mission. The aim is to bring them at par with smart cities of the world.
• The major aim is to drive economic growth.
• Bring a marked improvement in the quality of life of people.
• Development of Urban Ecosystem well-represented as physical, institutional, economic and social infrastructure development- the four pillars of extensive development.

Smart City Development Solutions
The solutions as part of Smart Cities Mission are aimed at achieving comprehensive development. Some of these solutions are-
• Availability of easy to access transportation options
• Promotion of mixed land use
• Development of open, recreational spaces
• Expanding excellent housing opportunities
• Inclusive and sustainable development
• Seamless Integration of compact areas with the neighbouring areas.

Area-Based Development- Three Models

It is the way an existing built-up area is planned and redesigned to achieve the objectives of smart city; thus making this area more liveable and efficient.

It has an impact on the development of vacant areas using innovative and efficient planning. Co-creation of a new area or layout and change of environment of the existing built-up with enhanced infrastructure using increased density and mixed use of land.

Greenfield Development
As part of green-field development, the vacant areas are being developed with innovative planning. Moreover, provisions are being made to meet the ever-burgeoning requirements of the population.

The core elements of Smart City Infrastructure include-
√ Assured Supply of Electricity
√ Adequate Supply of Water
√ Solid Waste Management
√ Sanitation
√ Efficient Urban Mobility
√ Affordable Housing
√ Public Transport
√ Digitalisation
√ IT Connectivity
√ Sustainable Environment
√ Good Governance
√ Health and Education
√ Security of the Citizens

The aim is to create a self-sufficient city that takes care of its every necessity and citizen needs effectively and efficiently. It results in the citizens becoming better contributors for a successful society. It also results in contributing towards an effective growth and development of the city.

Wave City is declared to be one of the largest self-sufficient cities of India which is based on “Hi-Tech City Concept”. This project is meticulously planned and crafted with finest details in order to create a smart home for you. With world class amenities such as independent floors, affordable housing units, shop & office spaces, high rise apartment and lavish villas, this project is class apart.

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