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Smart City Technology-Modern and Advanced

Smart City Technology-Modern and Advanced

The Government’s initiative to develop 100 cities as Smart Cities speaks a lot about its clear intention to develop aesthetic, clean and self-reliant urban areas at par with global standards. In such cities, the stress will be on technology for end to end solutions and seamless intra-city and inter-city connectivity.

Smart City Components and how they work?

Let’s sift through some of the top Smart City Components and Technologies and how it can help enhance the smartness of the cities.

Information and Communication Technology

For any city to become smart and self-reliant, it is important to create a two-way communication channel. Here, information and communication technology plays a vital role by building a bridge between the government and the citizen, allowing interaction with the government. It also helps administrators in building a smart city for the citizens keeping in view their expectations and aspirations. The communication’s electronic medium helps the communities in creating a collective intelligence ready to be deployed for the optimal utilization of resources through deep learning and analytics.

Internet of Things

IOT is like the veins and arteries of the city crisscrossing the city while connecting each point to the other. It is important to note that in a smart city, every device needs to be inter-connected so that they can talk to each other and take suitable decisions while at the same time managing resources optimally for a megacity population. IOT provides the perfect platform for communicating devices providing suitable solutions to everyday problems.

Sensors to sense it all

Sensors are ubiquitous but hidden components of the city landscape. These sensors have proven to be a critical component of any smart control system. In such systems, the process gets improved on the basis of its immediate environment. The control system becomes aware of its environment by getting feed from a variety of sensors and makes appropriate adjustments basis the collected information. A multitude of sensors is available making the best use of evolving technologies that enables applications helping to run electronic signals, pressure, light, humidity, temperature, moisture, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

It is sufficient to say that smart city concept is a digital revolution that results in generating voluminous data. This data is of no use unless it is processed, analyzed, corroborated and in return, generate more information. Here, the role of Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role making sense out of so much data. Through artificial intelligence, machines are trained to perform certain decision based tasks. They keep getting better at it by continuously training them on a bigger more complex set of data. In turn, these smart machines makes for a smarter environment and a city that thinks!

Geospatial Technology

It is important that whatever is being constructed in a smart city is right as per an ideal plan. Such a plan needs to be accurate, sustainable, and concise. Here, geospatial technologies come into the picture. The technology pinpoints the exact location where a specific solution is required, providing a necessary framework for the collection of data and transformation of observation.

These technologies help in creating and sustaining smart cities.

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