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How technology is re-shaping traditional society management?

How technology is re-shaping traditional society management?

Mobile technology is rapidly advancing, accompanied by the ever-increasing smartphone users all over the world. With its wide acceptance, our expectations have also proliferated. Our needs have extended to a point where we demand everything to be operational with a palm-sized device. Due to such swift advancements, even the real estate sector was forced to adopt digitization for eliminating traditional practices. From smart homes to society management apps, real estate enterprises have ample scope of transforming the lives of their customers and consumers.

As a traditional practice, the society committee represents the interests of the residents of a specific urban or suburban locality. The primary responsibility of any management committee is to ensure that the residents of their society co-exist in harmony. To manage resident’s grievances, daily activities, and the society’s financial operations, there are systems and processes established.

With the advent of society and resident management app; communication, coordination, and decision making has been tremendously simplified while reducing manual effort for the society management committee and their members. Wave City was one of the first such projects in India to offer residents and committee management app to fulfil its vision of establishing an absolute smart city.

Wave City Residential app is a perfect solution to ensure a peaceful societal environment and a pleasant experience – for its residents, management committee, and security personnel. The app is loaded with various advanced functionalities and features ranging from visitor management and special permissions to ease in access to utilities and making bill payments. Below-mentioned are some of the highlights of our Wave City Residents app and how it makes complex living convenient –

  1. Visitor Management – Wave City values your time and ensures a hassle-free experience for your guests by empowering you to generate an online gate pass and send it in advance to fast-track the entry process.
  2. Special Permissions – This exclusive feature allows the residents to book open spaces for organising events and also attaining permissions for any concerning renovations.
  3. Events – Get notified regarding any event hosted by the Wave City management team or residents committee and register for the same through the app.
  4. Notices – Get the latest updates on notices issued by the Wave City management team without any communication gaps or delays.
  5. Service Requests – Register a complaint regarding electricity, water, gas, or any other service provided by the Wave City and receive swift resolution.
  6. Citizen Services – This particular feature enables you to utilize super services to order groceries and daily essentials from Wave City’s – ‘Freshly Yours’ store. The other service known as Concierge provides residents with an extensive list of contact numbers of all probable household helpers and utility providers nearby.
  7. Bills and Utilities – Get real-time resource consumption updates on water, electricity, gas, etc. and bills notifications. This feature also allows residents to make payments directly from the app.
  8. SOS and Help – These features let users get access to security help with just a click at any given point to ensure a safe and secured community.


The Wave City Residential App is strategically built to ensure smooth communication, coordination, and induce insights-driven decision-making by the committee for their residents. The app promotes enhanced connections between residents for building lasting relationships and build a homely societal environment.

Wave City, adjacent to NH 24 is a society where you will get trailblazing independent floors, mid-rise apartments, villas, affordable housing units, and shop/office spaces. Our every unit meticulously adheres to international standards, regardless of scope, size, or complexity and are labelled as the pinnacle of fine living.

The soaring ceilings, generous bedrooms, superior kitchen, stylish angles, and quality fixtures will offer you an unparalleled lifestyle. The city offers smart features like Fiber Optic Connectivity, 24X7 CCTV surveillance, Automated Water Management, Street Light Automation, Waste Management, Central Command Centre, and Smart Metering System to name a few.

To know more about the world-class Wave City projects and our exceptional amenities, visit our website and feel free to get in touch with us. We look forward to serving you for a better tomorrow.

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