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Features that Define a ‘Top Smart City in India’

Features that Define a ‘Top Smart City in India’

The smart city plan in India has gained a lot of momentum in recent times, aiding the development of several facilities and amenities in a number of cities within the country. Apart from being held at a city-wide level, the smart city plan in India has also seen a lot of developments on a project-based level as some developers have come up with new projects that inculcate the best of smart city technology, vying for the title of being the ‘top smart city in India’. Talking about the real estate projects that follow a smart city plan, there are several features that one may look out for to ascertain that they are investing in a genuine smart city project. One always looks at the amenities being provided, the reputation of the developer, and the quality of construction, but it is the technology that goes into its functioning that makes a smart city project stand out.

Smart city technology

As urbanisation leads to several issues of acute resource crunch, impact on the environment, climate change, etc. What is required in a project is the ability to create a sustainable environment through smart, technologically driven solutions. Some of the top technological additions to a smart city may include the following:

The Central Command Centre

The central command centre at a smart city is poised to be the brain of the development. A control centre will be able to co-ordinate and monitor all the components of the project, including functions like managing the weather station, water management system, the smart electric grid, measurement of air quality, distribution of cooking gas, security management, and so on.

The Smart Electric Grid

The installation, if a smart electric grid at a smart city, will facilitate a number of advantages for the management as well as for the residents. This type of grid ensures smart metering, which means that residents will get 100% metered electricity supply and they can pay as per their usage. Other features include:

• Manage the load or electricity consumption over the web

• Use a mobile app to track usage or to limit the usage when it exceeds a set amount• Ability to cut off the meter supply with the mobile app

• Usage data is stored on the cloud

• Electric faults are corrected immediately

• Prevents accidental fires

• Facilitates easy energy audit

The Street Light Automation System

This system ensures that the smart city is illuminated right at dusk and that all street lights turn off automatically at day break. This proves to be a very efficient system that can help avoid human error and also offers the following benefits:

• Can help in crime reduction

• Reduce noxious emissions

• Reduces light pollution as it is completely automated to turn on in the dark hours

•Facilitates early detection of failures

Management of Traffic & Transportation

An intelligent traffic management system is to be the part of any smart city plan in India. This system will help ensure that residents do not end up wasting time in traffic congestion. It helps in facilitating a smooth flow of traffic, uses smart signals that work based on the real time traffic situation, provides parking guidance during peak hours, and even provides real time traffic updates to commuters, among other features.

For all these reasons and more, investing in a top smart city in India can be a great decision for property buyers, one that will allow them several lifestyle and convenience benefits.

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