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Feng Shui Tips for a Commercial Office Space

Feng Shui Tips for a Commercial Office Space

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which revolves around the placement of objects in order to increase the productivity & prosperity. Also called as ‘the world of wind of water’, Feng Shui is a practice that’s widely accepted across the globe. In India as well, the art of Feng Shui has garnered a huge following due to its immense positive effect. Feng Shui compliant shops for sale, especially in Ghaziabad, Noida and Gurgaon, are the latest trend.

Basically, the philosophy is based on the idea that conscious placement of objects which allows them to absorb Earth’s natural energy. Business owners highly rely on Feng Shui principles in order to develop their business and achieve success. So, if you’re thinking to buy a commercial office space, then consider incorporating the Feng Shui tips mentioned below:

Let the light in

Make sure to choose a commercial office space where the main door entrances allow enough light to enter. Also, as per Feng Shui principles, keep your office reception and other areas well-lit in order to attract positive energy.

Water is the new wealth

Water is considered to be a powerful Feng Shui element. Decorate your office space with a clear, running and full fountain. It not only keeps the ambience relaxed, but also generates more business opportunities. Goldfish is the Chinese symbol of money and a strong Feng Shui choice. Add metal to stimulate water energy in the north, the business opportunity sector.

M for Money, M for Mirrors

As per Feng Shui principles, having mirrors placed over cash registers or safes can attract more wealth and prosperity. Cover square columns within buildings with mirrors to stop negative energy.

Money area matters

Spot your Feng Shui money area and arrange it properly. Include elements like wood which denote money and positive energy. Add the colour ‘blue’ with pictures of rivers, lakes and oceans. You can also add plants and small icons that symbolize prosperity.

Make a habit of writing your bills every Monday.

Make room for positivity

Cluttered work areas can clog positive energy. Take time to clear up the mess and make enough room for positivity to breathe. Keep papers and important business items in filing cabinets and drawers. Spruce up your commercial office space with plants, red & purple objects, as well as family photos in wooden frames. Avoid plants with sharp leaves or cactus in order to prohibit any negative energy.

Have a Feng Shui compliant website

Yes, you read it right! Feng Shui tactics are not limited to your office space. You should also have a Harmonic Feng Shui website for your business. You just need to create a simple, tidy homepage for online visitors. Avoid using sharp or straight lines for positive business energy. Instead, use smooth or curved lines and graphics. Choose Feng Shui compliant color combinations like blue, black & white or yellow, purple & red, or black, green & blue.

Whether you’re looking for shops for sale in Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon or any other major city, make sure to incorporate the Feng Shui tips mentioned above in order to attain prosperity.

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